A friend unloaded a big box full of records, a handful 7" EPs as well as a few shirts at me recently and I'll take care of getting rid of all this for him. I want to take a moment here to say a word or two in general due to quite a frighteningly large number of time- and nerve-wrecking potential buyers so far.

1.)  All prices are to be understood WITHOUT postage. 

2.) The shipping rates that are valid in the country you're living in are irrelevant to me. I'm located in Germany, and so I can only work with what the Deutsche Post actually charges naturally.

The postage rates for international shipping are as followed…

- up to 500 g: 5,60 Euro for a registered airmail letter worldwide 
- from 501 g to 1000 g: 9,15 Euro for a registered airmail letter worldwide
- from 1001 g to 2000 g: 8,90 Euro for a non-registered, non-insured DHL Päckchen within the EU
- from 1001 g to 2000 g: 15,90 Euro for a non-registered, non-insured DHL Päckchen worldwide
- up to 5 kg: 17 Euro for a registered and insured DHL Paket within the EU

The registration and insurance for parcels over 1000 g is significantly pricier, so bear that in mind, and please don't try to haggle over the postage after having placed an order. Thank you. 

Das Porto für den innerdeutschen Versand ist wie folgt...

- Kassette: 2,40 Euro (Maxibrief der Deutschen Post)
- 7" EP / CD: 1,45 Euro (Großbrief der Deutschen Post)
- 12" LP: 6,99 Euro (DHL Paket) / 4,69 Euro (Hermes Paket) / 3,99 Euro (Hermes shop2shop)

3.) I don't care what financial situation you're in, if you don't have the money, don't ask about buying anything as I don't keep items in reserve unless we've dealt before and I know that I can rely on your word.

4.) The prices are NOT negotiable, NO discounts on bulk orders either. Take it or leave it!

Don't hesitate to hit me with any questions that might come up at red_death@web.de



A quick word about how I grade used records, I don't use "Mint" simply because it's such a BS term when it comes to grading records. In my understanding "Near Mint" is the best condition a record can possibly be in, further gradations being VG+ > VG > G > P. The grading reads cover first, then the vinyl itself. Records that haven't been played at all such as wholesale copies, dead stock copies or spare copies are marked BRAND-NEW. I try to include all info about enclosed printed inner sleeves, inserts, lyric sheets, posters etc. right in the description, still, feel free to ask if I should have missed it or there are any other questions left. 

A FOREST OF STARS The Corpse of Rebirth DLP (w/ OIS + booklet) NM/NM 20 Euro 
ACHERON Satanic Victory 12" LP (transparent orange vinyl, w/ poster + patch, PIN AND T-SHIRT ARE MISSING) NM/NM 15 Euro 
ACHERONTAS Hermeticism 7" EP (black vinyl, w/ sticker) NM/NM 5 Euro 
- split 7" EP w/ ORNAMENTS OF SIN split 7" EP NM/NM 15 Euro
- Dictator - A Monument of Glory 12" LP (black vinyl, w/ insert) NM/NM 30 Euro
ALTTARI / KADOTUS split 7" EP VG+/NM 5 Euro 
ANAEL Infernal Devotion 7" EP NM/NM 3 Euro
ANCIENT Det Glemte Riket 7" EP (self-released, black vinyl) G/NM 20 Euro
2x ANNIHILATION 666 / BLISS OF FLESH split 7" EP (red vinyl) NM/NM 3 Euro each
APOLOKIA / INFERNO split 7" EP VG/NM 5 Euro 
- Fran Marder PicLP (Blut & Eisen Productions, w/ OIS ) NM/NM 80 Euro
- Kampen DLP (Blut & Eisen Productions, green splater vinyl, w/ OIS) NM/NM 40 Euro
- split 7" EP w/ CONTAMINO VG+/NM 22 Euro
- Kaos Svarta Mar 12" MLP (w/ OIS + sticker) NM/NM 30 Euro
- 11 Year Anniversary 12" LP (black vinyl, MARKED AS PROMO, WITHOUT OIS + POSTER) NM/NM 15 Euro
- 11 Year Anniversary PicLP (w/ OIS + poster) NM/VG+ 30 Euro
- Trulen 2xPicLP (w/ OIS + poster) NM/NM 30 Euro
- Grimalkinz Skaldi 7" EP (green splatter vinyl, w/ OIS) NM/NM 40 Euro
- split 7" EP w/ SATAROS GRIEF (green splatter vinyl, w/ OIS) NM/NM 15 Euro
ARCTURUS My Angel (Putrefaction Records, blue cover sleeve) VG+/NM 80 Euro
ATANATOS Castle in the Dark 7" PicEP 3 Euro
ATRIARCH Forever the End 12" LP test press (w/ alternate stamped cover + addtl. silk-screend logo patch) NM/NM 15 Euro
AZAGHAL / TUNRIDA split 7" EP VG+/NM 3 Euro

BAK DE SYV FJELL s/t 7" EP VG+/NM 22 Euro
- Hammerheart 12" LP (Noise International, FOC, w/ insert) VG+/NM 45 Euro
- Epicus Dominus Satanikus 12" LP (yellow vinyl) NM/NM 22 Euro
- Die In Fire PicLP 22 Euro
- True Black Essence 12" LP (golden vinyl) 15 Euro
BEASTMILK Climax 12" LP (clear vinyl, w/ booklet + valid download card) NM/NM 40 Euro
BEHERIT Beast of Beherit DLP (w/ insert) VG+/NM 15 Euro 
BEHEXEN From the Devil's Chalice 3x7" EP set (w/ sticker + patch) NM/NM 60 Euro
- Thy Pale Dominion 7" EP (Nightmare Records, w/ insert) VG+/NM 30 Euro 
- split 7" EP w/ BENIGHTED IN SODOM (white vinyl) NM/NM 5 Euro
BLACK, THE Priest of Satan 12" LP (Miriquidi Productions, w/ insert) NM/NM 60 Euro 
BLACK PRISM Satan's Country 7" EP (purple vinyl) VG+/NM 5 Euro
BLACK WITCHERY Summoning of Infernal Legion 7" EP VG/NM 30 Euro 
BLASPHEMOUS EVIL Old Necomancers 12" LP (black vinyl, w/ insert) VG+/NM 25 Euro 
BLOOD AXIS Born Again DLP (black vinyl, w/ booklet) BRAND-NEW 20 Euro 
BOLT THROWER Live at Bradford 7" EP (yellow cover sleeve) VG+/NM 50 Euro
BRANSTOCK / NORDREICH split 7" EP (w/ insert) NM/NM 3 Euro 
BURNING SAVIOURS The Nightmare 7" EP (red vinyl, w/ army cap) 15 Euro

CELESTIAL BLOODSHED / URFAUST split 7" EP (purple vinyl, w/ sticker + addtl. centre label) NM/NM 40 Euro
CHARON Banished 7" EP (w/ flyer + poster) VG+/VG+ 10 Euro
- split 12" LP w/ SATANIC WARMASTER (splatter vinyl) NM/NM 80 Euro
- Church of Atrocity 12" LP + 7" EP (w/ insert) NM/NM 50 Euro
- Falling Monuments 12" LP NM/NM 15 Euro 
COLUMN OF HEAVEN Ecstatically Embracing All That We Habitually Suppress 12" EP (w/ insert) NM/NM 5 Euro

DARKTHRONE Thulcandra 7" EP VG+/NM 25 Euro
DEMONCY / DARK OPUS split 7" EP NM/NM 5 Euro
DESASTER / SABBAT Anniversarius (white vinyl) NM/NM 10 Euro
- Kirous 12" LP (w/ lyric sheet) NM/NM 10 Euro
- The Antichrist 12" LP (w/ lyric sheet) NM/NM 10 Euro 
DIE WEISSE ROSE Treue um Treue 12" LP BRAND-NEW 20 Euro
DØDHEIMSGARD Mørk Skog 7" EP NM/NM 15 Euro 
DREAD SOVEREIGN Pray to the Devil in Man 12" EP (Roadburn Festival, black vinyl) BRAND-NEW 15 Euro 
- Vampyric Winter 7" EP NM/NM 10 Euro
- split 7" EP w/ ETERNUM (red vinyl, w/ both patches) NM/NM 10 Euro 

EMPEROR As the Shadows Rise 7" PicEP -/NM 22 Euro
ENSLAVED Hordanes Land PicLP + addtl. Yggdrasil PicLP (Blut & Eisen Productions, w/ OIS) NM/NM 25 Euro 

FINNETUM s/t 7" EP (clear vinyl) NM/NM 10 Euro
FLAGELLANT Monuments 12" LP (black/white splatter vinyl, w/ booklet) NM/NM 20 Euro 
FRIGHTENER Guillotine 12" LP ("Black Skies Across America" tour edition w/ silk-screened cover sleeve, w/ insert) NM/NM 5 Euro 
FROZEN SHADOWS Dans Les Bras Des Immortels 12" LP (blue vinyl, w/ lyric sheet, insert, poster + sticker) NM/NM 20 Euro
FULGOR Eyequinox 7" EP (w/ insert) NM/NM 3 Euro
FURZE s/t 7" EP NM/NM 5 Euro

GHOST Year Zero 10" EP (green vinyl) NM/NM 40 Euro 
- Ô Laudate Dominvs 12" LP (w/ booklet, poster + postcard) NM/NM 20 Euro
- Meet Us At the Southern Sign 12" LP (brown vinyl, w/ OIS) NM/NM 15 Euro 
GOLD Gone Under / Medicine Man 7" EP (blue vinyl, w/ OIS) NM/NM 5 Euro 
GREAT TYRANT, THE There's A Man in the House 12" LP (back vinyl) VG/NM 5 Euro 

HAGGATHA s/t 12" EP NM/NM 15 Euro
HAMNSKIFTE Födzlepijnan 12" LP (white viny) NM/NM 15 Euro
HATESPAWN / CHARON split 7" EP (w/ OBI strip) NM/NM 5 Euro
HELL MILITIA Canonisation of the Foul Spirit 12" LP (w/ booklet) NM/NM 25 Euro 
- Haudankylmyyden Mailla DLP (grey/black splatter vinyl, w/ OIS) NM/NM 40 Euro
- split 12" LP w/ MUSTA SURMA NM/NM 60 Euro
- Viha Ja Viikate 10" EP (w/ sticker + patch) NM/NM 60 Euro
- split 12" LP w/ KERBEROS (white vinyl) NM/NM 15 Euro
- Ääniä Yössä 12" LP (w/ OIS) NM/NM 15 Euro
- Sotahuuto 12" LP (red vinyl, w/ insert) NM/NM 40 Euro 
- Herran Edessä 15 vuotta 7" EP NM/NM 5 Euro each 
- Perimä Vihassa Ja Verikostossa 12" MLP (w/ insert + poster) NM/NM 15 Euro 
- Kun Synkkä Ikuisuus Avautuu 12" LP (w/ poster) NM/NM 20 Euro 

ILDJARN-NIDHOGG Svartfråd 7" EP NM/NM 30 Euro 
- Blasphemy Incarnate 10" EP (red splatter vinyl, w/ insert) VG+/NM 10 Euro 
- split 7" EP w/ EXMORTEM VG+/NM 3 Euro
INCARCERATION Sacrifice 7" EP (white vinyl, w/ insert, postcard + patch) NM/NM 10 Euro
INDESINENCE Vessels of Light and Decay DLP (w/ booklet) BRAND-NEW 15 Euro 
INFERNO Legie nesmrtelných 7" EP NM/NM 3 Euro
INKISITOR s/t 7" EP (w/ OIS) NM/NM 3 Euro 

- Distant in Solitary Night 12" LP (red vinyl) VG+/NM 100 Euro 
- Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten 12" LP VG+/NM 40 Euro
- To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding 12" LP (w/ lyric sheet) VG+/NM 50 Euro
- Midnight Frost (To Rest With Eternity) 7" EP (w/ inserts) NM/NM 20 Euro 

- s/t 7" EP NM/NM 15 Euro 
- Twilight's Depths 12" EP (grey vinyl, w/ OIS) NM/NM 30 Euro 
KARGVINT Seelenwerks Fortgang 12" LP (red vinyl, w/ OIS + poster) NM/NM 10 Euro 
- Atomvinter 7" EP NM/NM 5 Euro
- split 7" EP w/ FAUSTCOVEN VG+/NM 5 Euro
KULT / THE STONE split 7" (red splatter vinyl) EP NM/NM 5 Euro 

LANTLÔS s/t 12" LP (w/ insert) NM/NM 40 Euro
LEECH / THE FUNERAL PYRE split 7" EP (clear / black vinyl) NM/NM 5 Euro 
LEGION Awakened Fury 7" EP (red vinyl) G/NM 3 Euro 
LIVING DEATH Vengeance of Hell PicLP (housed in a cover sleeve, w/ booklet + poster) NM/NM 25 Euro 
LEGION OF DOOM / STUTTHOF split 7" EP (red vinyl) 5 Euro
- split 12" LP w/ NACHTFALKE VG+/NM 60 Euro
- The Iron Hand of Blackest Terror 12" LP (black vinyl, w/ insert) VG+/NM 45 Euro
- Cease to Live 12" LP (black vinyl, w/ OIS) NM/NM 15 Euro
- Cease to Live PicLP (w/ OIS) NM/NM 10 Euro

MACABRE OMEN / AD INFEROS split 7" EP (misprint with hand-written band names on the centre labels) NM/NM 5 Euro 
MALICIOUS SECRETS Apostle of Him 7" EP (w/ insert) VG+/NM 8 Euro 
MANDY MORTON AND THE SPRIGUNS Magic Lady 12" LP (Akarma, blue vinyl, w/ insert) NM/VG+ 20 Euro 
ON HOLD - La Grande Danse Macabre 12" LP (Blooddawn Productions, w/ insert) VG+/NM 25 Euro
- Deathmarch Tour 7" EP NM/NM 40 Euro
- Deathcrush 12" EP (2004 bootleg, golden vinyl) NM/NM 60 Euro
- De Mysteriis Dom. Sathanas 12" LP (Ancient Darkness Productions w/ OIS, booklet + two posters) NM/NM 140 Euro
- Life Eternal 12" LP (2011 bootleg, white vinyl) NM/NM 22 Euro
- Of Lord Satan's Mysteries 12" LP (red vinyl, w/ poster) NM/NM 30 Euro
MAYHEMIC TRUTH R.I.P. 12" LP (W.T.C. Productions, white vinyl, w/ OIS) NM/NM 40 Euro
METAL KING Worship the Real Metal 7" EP VG/NM 3 Euro
MIGHTIEST Sojourn in the Rising Darkness 7" PicEP (w/ cover sheet) VG+/NM 5 Euro
- December Moon 12" MLP (Reaper Records, black vinyl, w/ insert) VG+/NM 160 Euro
- Ancient Morbidity 12" EP (w/ insert + Slayer #20, POSTER IS MISSING) NM/NM 40 Euro
- Plague, Waste And Death 12" LP NM/NM 30 Euro
- Enter the Sea of Flames 12" LP (w/ insert) VG+/NM 20 Euro
- Headcult DLP (black vinyl) NM/NM 20 Euro 
MORTUUS Grape of the Vine 12" LP BRAND-NEW 17 Euro 
- Nordik Battle Signs 12" LP VG+/NM 30 Euro
- Macht durch Stimme DLP VG+/NM 15 Euro

NEBELKORONA Dämmerung im Herbst 7" EP 3 Euro
NEPHENZY In Anguish and Furious Pain 7" EP 8 Euro
NOCTERNITY / KAWIR split 7" EP (w/ insert) NM/NM 25 Euro 
- Motörmouth 7" EP (black vinyl) NM/NM 6 Euro
- Warthog 7" EP NM/NM 6 Euro

6x OBSEQUIAE Suspended in the Brume of Eos 12" LP (black vinyl)  BRAND-NEW 12 Euro each 

PERSEKUTOR Power Forst 7" EP (white vinyl) NM/NM 5 Euro
PLANET AIDS Apokalyptic AIDS 12" LP  (w/ postcards, needles + flag) NM/NM 40 Euro
POGROM Suicide Worship 7" EP NM/NM 5 Euro
PROPHANITY I Vargens Tecken 7" EP VG+/NM 6 Euro 
PUREST Renascence 12" LP (grey marbled vinyl, w/ insert) NM/NM 5 Euro 

ROOT Zjevení 12" LP (w/ insert) NM/NM 50 Euro 

SARCOPHAGUS Requiem to the Death of Passion 12" LP (w/ lyric sheet) VG+/NM 10 Euro 
- Tyranny Returns 12" LP (w/ OIS) NM/NM 25 Euro
- split 12" LP w/ HORNED ALMIGHTY NM/NM 40 Euro
- Disciple of the Heinous Path PicLP (housed in a cover sleeve, w/OIS) NM/NM 25 Euro 
SATANIC WARMASTER Black Katharsis PicLP -/NM 20 Euro
SEEDS OF HATE / ELITE split 7" EP (w/ insert) NM/NM 10 Euro 
SENTENCED Amok 12" LP (Century Media RP, black vinyl) BRAND-NEW 17 Euro
4x SHADOW OF THE TORTURER Marching into Chaos 12" LP (black vinyl) BRAND-NEW 8 Euro each
SIR LORD BALTIMORE Kingdom Come 12" LP (1971 Dutch Mercury press) VG+/NM 30 Euro
SLAUGHTER LORD / MORBID ANGEL Raging Death 7" EP (clear vinyl) VG/NM 40 Euro
SLAVIA Norwegian Black Terror 7" EP (w/ insert) NM/NM 5 Euro
SLÆGT Demo 7" EP NM/NM 5 Euro
SLIDHR s/t 7" EP (w/ OIS) VG/NM 3 Euro
SONNE ADAM Armed with Hammers 7" EP (white vinyl) NM/NM 33 Euro
- Åt Fanders Med Ljusets Skapelser 7" PicEP -/NM 50 Euro
- split 7" EP w/ PUISSANCE  To Give Death by the Sword of Christ (w/ both postcards + promotional flyer) VG+/NM 30 Euro 
STORMCROW Enslaved in Darkness 12" LP (w/ insert) VG+/NM 15 Euro 
SVART HAT / GLADSHEIM A Prelude to the End 12" LP NM/NM 5 Euro

TJÄNSTEVAPEN Dömd 12" LP (black vinyl, w/ insert) 5 Euro 
TOXAEMIA Beyond the Realm 7" EP (purple vinyl) VG+/NM 50 Euro

UNDERGANG Søm Til Din Ligkiste (red vinyl) NM/NM 10 Euro
- Circle of the Seven Infernal Paths PicLP -/NM 25 Euro 
- split 7" EP w/ CABAL split 7" EP (w/ insert) VG+/NM 11 Euro
URGEHAL Demonrape 7" EP NM/NM 15 Euro

V/A BRANSTOCK / CULTUS / ODAL / DEATHGATE ARKANUM (black vinyl, w/ insert) NM/NM 5 Euro
V/A Scandinavian Metal Attack 12" LP (Wave) VG/NM 15 Euro 
V/A Knock 'em Down to Size Part I 7" EP (w/ inserts) NM/NM 15 Euro
V/A Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Vol. 1 VG+/NM 5 Euro
V/A Wurzelgeister  DLP (w/ poster + insert) VG+/NM 88 Euro
VILLAINS s/t 7" EP VG+/NM 3 Euro
VINTERRIKET Winterschatten 3x7" EP set (w/ slider box, inserts + postcards) VG+/NM 20 Euro 
2x VORDR / ASKEREGN split 7" EP BRAND-NEW 6 Euro each 

- split 7" EP w/ Diabolicum (w/ insert) 115 Euro
- Rabid Death's Curse 12" LP (End All Life Productions) VG/VG+ 135 Euro
- Reaping Death 7" PicEP (w/ insert + sticker) -/NM 15 Euro
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT The Drowing Years 7" EP (purple vinyl) NM/NM 25 Euro
YEAR OF THE GOAT This Will Be Mine 7" EP (red cover sleeve / red vinyl) NM/NM 25 Euro

ZONNEWIEL Channeling the Essence of Wuotan 7" EP NM/NM 3 Euro 
- Blood Must Be Shed PicLP -/NM 15 Euro
- split 7" PicEP w/ MAYHEM split 7" -/NM 15 Euro

audio cassette

3x 0 Null & Void 6 Euro each
2x AEDH s/t 5 Euro each
- Dødsønske (self-released, w/ torn-out bible page) 40 Euro
- Dødsønske (Roggbif Records box) 30 Euro 
CHAPEL OF REST Memorium Grief 30 Euro
COVENS Through the Mist 5 Euro
DAKRIA Figures of the Fog 5 Euro
2x DROWNED Rehearsal Demo 12/2012 5 Euro each 
- Through the Noose of Existence (Winterreich Productions) 10 Euro
- Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride (Winterreich Productions) 10 Euro
- split tape w/ FORBIDDEN CITADEL OF SPIRITS 20 Euro
- split tape w/ OLD OAK 20 Euro 
ETT LIK Violence in E Minor 10 Euro 
GRIFTEGÅRD Psalmbok 3 Euro
HADES Alone Walkyng (Wounded Love) 20 Euro
HANGING MOSS Autumn Journeys & Reflections 10 Euro 
HOVF Risveden 5 Euro
IGNIVOMOUS Path of Attrition 10 Euro 
IN TORMENT Lamentations 10 Euro 
ISVIND Nivelheimen (Yggdrasil Productions) 30 Euro 
MOLESTED Unborn Woods of Doom 80 Euro O.N.O.
MYSTIC CHARM Shadows of the Unknown advance tape 30 Euro 
NARGOTHROND Im Schatten der Festung 10 Euro
NEMA Winterly Landscapes 10 Euro
NIHIL NOCTURNE Death Undo All Names 3 Euro 
OTHENDARA Dae of Nox 5 Euro 
- A Litany of Vileness (self-released) 10 Euro 
- A Litany of Vileness (Nurse Etiquette) 5 Euro
- Winter's Agony 10 Euro
STÅLVARGAR Stigma Diaboli 5 Euro
THA-NORR Assault on Eerie 10 Euro
TRELLDOM Disappearing of the Burning Moon 80 Euro O.N.O.
W.A.I.L. demo compilation box set 10 Euro
WITHER (CA) s/t  5 Euro each
WIZARD OF DOOM, THE His Eternal Rage of Inner Nature 3 Euro

compact disc 

CHORONZON Torn Away 10 Euro
ENTOMED Wolverine Blues (Toy's Factory, w/ OBI and addtl. leaflet) 20 Euro 
- Memory And Destiny A5 digibook VG+/NM 10 Euro
- Dawn of Iron Blades A5 digibook VG+/NM 10 Euro
- Fire Chariot of Destruction A5 digibook VG+/NM 10 Euro
- Will Stronger Than Death A5 digibook VG+/NM 10 Euro 
IMMOLATION Unholy Cult (Disembodied Records) 5 Euro 
KROHM The Haunting Presence (black polycarbonate CD housed in a 7" gatefold cover) 5 Euro
PANZERKVLT Forging Our Hate 10 Euro
PLECID s/t 10 Euro
SENTENCED Amok (Century Media, 1st press) 5 Euro
SLUGATHOR  Echoes From Beneath 5 Euro
URFAUST Geist ist Teufel (Terratur Possessions, w/ metal case) 50 Euro
2x WALKNUT Graveforests And Their  Shadows (2nd press) 9 Euro each
WATAIN Reaping Death CD 6 Euro


All shirts have been worn, some more, some less, but they're all in at least very good condition. No holes, loose seams, all-blistered prints or anything.

AIN Vastness T-shirt (size L, Gildan Heavy Cotton) 5 Euro 
ARMOUR Heavy Metal Force T-shirt (size M, Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton) 15 Euro 
BEASTCRAFT Baptised in Blood And Goatsemen T-shirt (size M, Fruit of the Loom Classic Valueweight) 15 Euro
CHAOS ECHŒS Tone of Things to Come T-shirt (size M, Fruit of the Loom Super Premium) 15 Euro
CHAOS INVOCATION VI VI VI Directed T-shirt (size M, Stedman Comfort) 5 Euro
CHAOS INVOCATION VI VI VI Directed T-shirt WHITE (size M, Stedman Comfort) 5 Euro
CHAOSBREED Shitgrinder T-shirt (size L, Fruit of the Loom Classic Valueweight) 10 Euro 
CHARON Mass Celebration T-shirt (size M, Fruit of the Loom Super Premium) 5 Euro 
CHRISTICIDE Black.Death.Satan T-shirt (size M, B&C Collection) 10 Euro 
ETERNITY Funeral Mass Longsleeve (size L, Gildan Heavy Cotton) 5 Euro
HATESPAWN Logo T-shirt (size M, Gildan Heavy Cotton) 15 Euro
MANTAR March of the Crows T-shirt (size S, Anvil) 5 Euro
MORDOR Le Chevalier, la Mort et la Diable T-shirt (size XL, Switcher) 15 Euro 
MYLING Häxeri Longsleeve (size M, Gildan Ultra Cotton) 25 Euro
- The Sacred Chamber T-shirt RED (size M, Gildan Heavy Cotton) 5 Euro
- The Sacred Chamber T-shirt GREY (size M, Gildan Heavy Cotton) 5 Euro
- The Sacred Chamber T-shirt GREY (size XL, Gildan Heavy Cotton) 5 Euro 
NYKTALGIA Peisithanatos T-shirt (size M, Stedman Comfort) 5 Euro
- Further Down Into the Abyss T-shirt RED (size L, Slazenger) 15 Euro 
- Into the Abyss T-shirt (size S, Gildan Heavy Cotton) 15 Euro 
PRIMORDIAL Logo T-shirt (size M, Fruit of the Loom Classic Valueweight) 5 Euro
SCHATTENWELT Logo T-shirt CHARCOAL (size M, Fruit of the Loom Classic Valueweight) 5 Euro
SVARTSYN Timeless Reign T-shirt (size M, Stedman Comfort) 5 Euro
UNGOD Conquering What Once Was Ours T-shirt (size M, Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton) 5 Euro

The following list contains releases I'm mainly looking to swap, ideally for something from my want list. It goes without saying that you can just send me your trade lists regardless if you can offer something right from my wants. I'm not that keen on selling either of those items, still, feel free to name a price if buying is your preferred option, and we'll take it from there. Thank you!


CHAOS ECHŒS Tone of Things to Come 12" LP (w/ OBI) NM/NM
DIES IRAE Circle of Leth 12" LP NM/NM 
VEIN Crux Calvaria 7" EP NM/NM 

audio cassette 

CHAOS ECHŒS Parisian Sessions: Rehearsal I
DOOMSDAY CULT, THE Samarithans of Misery
KAAMOS Curse of Aeons 
LE VAUDOU HAITIEN Vol. I Ceremonie Petro
SAMAEL Live into the Pentgram - Live Poland 1991 (great pro-done bootleg) 
- Live Demo 03/13 + Rehearsal 08/13
- Necrotic Doom

CHAOS ECHŒS Duo Experience / Spectral Affinities CD-r (2nd press w/ gold cover)
- shaped back patch (old logo)
- Ceremony of Opposites promo CD w/ cardboard sleeve



DISFEAR Soul Scars 12" LP (black vinyl)

audio cassette  

APOREA Na Rekah Vavilonskih

GRAVEYARD DIRT Of Romance and Fire (pro-tape)
- Danse Macabre
- The Four Seasons


- Venerari Sacra Mysteria
- Embraced by the Ancient/Reflections of Astral Light
GRIFTEGÅRD Psalmbok (self-released DSR edition)
LEPRA Di Meliora


THE BOOK OF LYRICS, presented by Alzbeth